Slash your international mobile bills!

Wherever in the world your work takes you, Amiigo will cut the cost of calls on your BlackBerry®, Android™ or iPhone by up to 60% – and of data by up to 90%.

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Amiigo now saves money for BlackBerry, Android and iPhone users
Business is a global activity and that means lots of international calls, to and from international offices and to and from clients around the world.
With responsibility for the mobile budget, are you fed up with the high cost of international, non-geographic and roaming calls and data?
Amiigo delivers calls & data savings with:
no minimum term commitments, no setup costs, no monthly fees and no swapping SIM cards.
And if we don’t save you money, you don’t pay us anything.
If those aren’t enough reasons to call us on +44 (0) 20 3432 3325, click here for more.

Who is Amiigo?

Amiigo detests the high costs of doing international business.
We have two ways to save you money on international, non-geographic and roaming calls.

Cutting Call Costs

By intelligently re-routing calls via low cost access numbers and by turning outbound roaming calls into inbound ones.

Cutting Data Costs

Email & internet are vital when you’re roaming. Our MiFi® devices will cut the cost of your roaming data bill.

What will I save?

Up to 60% on any given call with clients typically saving around 40% on the calls Amiigo carries for them. Data savings can be as high as 90%