£2.4Bn per year

£5000 per month of savings on roaming data

According to a recent report from the mobile services company, iPass, European companies are losing £2.4Bn a year on un-managed roaming.

That’s a lot of money!

The reports statistics make interesting reading too:

  • the average spend on roaming data in the US and Asia was £109 per trip. In the EU, it was just over £51
  • Business travellers are paying, on average £1.43 per MB in the US and Asia. In Europe it is £0.37
  • The average business traveller uses between 2720MB & 5754MB per day. Imagine if that was all being done using roaming data?

What does this all mean for our clients?

Simple: they are saving money whenever they use our roaming data MiFi solution.  In the EU, we are still only charging £0.125 per MB and our four-zone solution across the world means the savings in the US are nearly £1 per MB (Zone 2) and nearly £0.70 per MB even in Zone 4 countries such as Thailand or Indonesia.  China is in Zone 3, as is Malaysia, Vietnam and Taiwan. Hong Kong and Singapore are in Zone 2, alongside the USA and Canada.

If you are looking to save money on roaming data costs, give us a call.


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