2% wiped off Mobile Operators revenues

The news over the weekend that UK mobile users could pay the same when travelling in the EU as they do in the UK by October is great news.

  • No inbound call charges so your colleagues and friends can actually speak to you when you’re in Europe
  • No increased call costs when you’re in Europe
  • No increased data charges when you’re in Europe

All of this could wipe 2% off the revenues for O2, Vodafone and the rest.

There is, however, one thing I have’t seen (forgive me if I missed it) and that is a clarification on one little thing.

Do these calls and data charges fall within your bundles or is it simply that they will charge you what you would pay when you ran out of what is in your bundle?

At Amiigo we firmly believe anything that reduces the costs of international and roaming mobile calls is great new – it is, after all, why we set up the company.  But we have been listening to everything about this and our cynical side says they will have to get that money back somehow.

  • No inbound call charges – great news
  • the same rate as you pay for a call at home – great if its included within your bundled minutes
  • the same rate as you pay for data at home – again great if its part of your data allowance

We will wait and see.

Of course this is even better for businesses – if they are using Amiigo – because our roaming service converts outbound calls to inbound one to make the savings really mount up.

Speak to you soon


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