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Most of the time we talk about percentages within our marketing, simply because it is easier to do this and we are aggregating data from 1,000’s of calls made around the world. What I wanted to do today was simply put this into some perspective and show you just what those percentages mean, with a few examples taken from recent call data.

  • India to the USA: from £1.40 per minute to £0.91 – 35% gross saving
  • UK to the USA: from £0.11 per minute to £0.03 – 75% gross saving
  • Luxembourg to France: £0.38 per minute to £0.08 – 79% gross saving
  • Switzerland to the UK: £0.21 per minute to £0.09 – 56% gross saving

The rates you get from your carrier will vary, dependent on your negotiating power and how close to the end of the quarter you are, but I hope this gives you an indication of the savings that Amiigo can make for you.

If you’d like us to review your international mobile bills to see what savings can be made, give us a call.

By the way, the data at the top is just made up – it isn’t someone’s real bill


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