4G roaming data

4G roaming data across most of Europe

No more slowing down when you’re on business

In most of the urban areas across the UK we have 4G to provide for our mobile data needs.  We use our smartphones more and more when we are away from our desks and the word “Sorry” abounds as people collide as they are looking at their screens and not where they are going.  Have you seen the recent addition of text walking lanes in Antwerp?

The problem comes when we need to travel internationally on business.  Unless we pay the outrageous rates the mobile operators want to charge us, we have to put up with 3, or dare I say even 2G, speeds when abroad.  Not any longer.

Amiigo can now provide 4G across 21 countries in Europe – from Estonia and Poland in the East, down to Spain and up to Norway and Sweden – with another 16 countries in between.

So no more slow data!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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