£5,000 per month

£5000 per month of savings on roaming dataThat’s a considerable saving!

A prospective client recently gave us their mobile billing information for the last 4 months and asked us to analyse it. They wanted to see what we could save them on their roaming calls – that’s where they believed the spend was occurring.  Of course, we were happy to oblige.

As is often the case, it turned out that it wasn’t really the calls that were costing them.  There are some savings to be made on calls – about £5,000 per year – but that wasn’t where the main savings would be.

Their total mobile bill, across four months, was £35,000. Of this, £28,00 was roaming data charges, most of which was outside of the EU and so incurring the highest rates the mobile operators charge – in this case Vodafone.

The analysis of where they were using the data allowed us to match their usage against the rates we would charge and we are confident that we could have cut £20,000 off that bill.  That’s £5,000 per month!

That’s a total saving of £65,000 per year that we could provide a company of just 80 internationally travelling staff.  That pays the salary of at least one member of that team


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