69% gross savings

69% gross savings on international and roaming mobile calls

Gross Savings of 69% on international and roaming mobile calls

The latest calculations are in and it’s great to see that Amiigo continues to save our clients money on their international, non-geographic and roaming mobile calls.

Amiigo users have made calls when in 103 countries and to 152 countries, plus calls to oceans around the world (via satellite – we save money on those calls as well). Admittedly 85% of those calls were made in the UK, but when we’re delivering 82% savings on the cost of calls not covered by your mobile contract, why wouldn’t you use our app – especially when the app does the work for you, as it assesses when a saving can be made and automatically re-routes the call.

Where are you going on business this year?

  • The United States? 67.9% savings
  • China? 92.1% savings
  • India? 91.6%
  • Greece? 87.2%
  • Germany? 61.7%
  • Afghanistan? 17.4% – sorry

If you’re travelling on business and don’t want to worry about the cost of keeping in touch, with both clients and the office, give us a call and let’s see what savings we can deliver for you. After all, I’m sure you’d prefer the money to stay in your pockets than go to Vodafone or O2!

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