7 ways to to make life easier when you’re travelling

Business travel shouldn't mean changing your behaviour

Travelling shouldn’t mean behavioural change. You will have to still do all the same things you do when working in your normal office – just in a different city and most likely a different time zone.

Here are a few things that will help you maintain a normal working day:

Shirt Folder

Travel is no excuse for looking dishevelled; in fact it’s probably more important. Here’s a handy device to ensure your shirts look great when you go to that all-important new client presentation.


We all need our data, whether that’s our email or, hopefully only occasionally, vital documents for a meeting, when we’re on the move. The problem is roaming data is often hugely expensive. Having a MiFi device with a roaming data provider, such as Amiigo, will ensure you can get the data you need, without breaking the bank or experiencing a severe case of billshock.

Coffee Brewer

Let’s face it, there are very few hotels that produce a decent coffee in the morning. In your room, it is almost always instant (shudder!) and the filter at breakfast isn’t a lot better. This little beauty will allow you to make the coffee the way you want it. You can even take it with you if you overslept a little

Dual Time Watch

Just because you’re away on business doesn’t get you out of saying goodnight to the kids. Here’s a few watches which will show the time at home as well as where you are. It will help you plan the best way to get over the jetlag too.


Whilst not a device, it will allow you to do many things at the time you would normally, whether that is say goodnight to the kids (see above) or be part of your daily/weekly department meetings. With apps for Android and iOS, it means you don’t miss out

Fitness Tracker

Overseas travel schedules are often designed to maximise productivity, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a chance to keep up with your fitness routine. Keep track of what you’re doing with a Fitbit or similar.

Regus Businessworld membership

On the odd occasion when you aren’t dashing between meetings, you may want some quiet time to catch up. With Regus lounges in most major airports and city locations, there’s likely to be one near you. The wifi is free and so is the coffee. It may not be as good as the coffee brewer previously mentioned but it is space you can work and make the calls you need to.





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