Amiigo’s Plans for 2016

£5000 per month of savings on roaming dataIt’s the new year. It’s 2016.  Remember when the next couple of weeks used to be a time of despair – because we kept writing the old year on cheques at the supermarket?

Enough of a side track. What is Amiigo going to be doing in the next 12 months?

Android Callback

Otherwise known as Roaming calls for Android phones.  As you know, BB7 users have always been able to save money on both international and roaming mobile calls because we’ve had Callthrough (international calls) and Callback (Roaming calls) in place.  Callthrough for Android has now been in place for well over a year but Callback has proved a little elusive.  I won’t bore you with techie stuff on why, but suffice to say we expect this to launch in the next few weeks.

Amiigo for iOS

Again something we have been working on for quite some time now.  The delay on this has been a permissions issue within iOS – in that it won’t allow us to intercept a call in the same way that BlackBerry and Android operating systems do.  The delay has been in working out a functionally acceptable solution that minimises the additional clicks you have to make to use the app. After all, we all know the easier an app is to use, the more likely it is to be used.  One of our clients, when they first started using the BB7 app, threatened to deduct the cost of calls from their staffs’ salaries if they didn’t use it! Hopefully our work on this will mean this sort of threat isn’t necessary.

We are making the finishing touches to this now and then we have the fun and games of the Apple approval process to go through.  Assuming that is all okay, we expect this to be live in the first quarter of the year.

Then What?

Once they are live, it’s all guns blazing to ensure that everyone knows we have a way to stop you having to give so much to Vodafone, O2 and the rest of that gang.  International and roaming mobile calls have always been far too expensive and Amiigo was set up with the aim of cutting those costs. The European Parliament is helping by removing roaming fees within the EU, but that doesn’t happen until April 2017, so there is over a year’s worth of savings to be made.

Current savings being delivered include:

  • 68% in Austria
  • 46% for Hong Kong
  • 84% in the United Kingdom
  • 62% in Portugal
  • 56% in the USA
  • 30% in China
  • 64% in Germany
  • 63% in the heart of the European Parliament (Belgium)
  • 36% in India

We hope to be delivering savings to 1000’s more users over the coming year.  The improvements we are making to the apps will make them more useful to our clients and we will, of course, keep you updated on exactly what is happening.

By the way, the savings shown above for the UK. All of the savings shown are for the country where the call was made. That is the saving we make on international and non-geographic numbers.  We even save you money on 08 numbers!


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