Could the Chinese New Year prove expensive for your business?

  • Save money on roaming data in China

Doing business in China, even with their economy slowing down, could be very good for your business!

2016 does promise weaker Chinese growth. But the country’s economy is still growing at 4.3 percent – most of the developed world would give anything for that growth rate. Services are on the rise though with growth in rail, technology, alternative energy, education, media and entertainment are leading the way.

So why is the world so worried?

Well, China is still the world’s second largest economy. Anything China does causes huge economic waves.

What does this mean for calls and roaming data?

It’s surprising how many companies we talk to who haven’t looked at the cost of mobile calls made from the UK to China, whether this is to colleagues in international offices or to overseas clients. For some reason, much of the interest we have from clients and prospects is around the calls made whilst their staff are overseas (roaming calls), rather than the calls made from within the UK. The savings we make on international calls are far higher than those for roaming calls: 95% gross savings on international calls to China, compared to 30% on roaming calls made when someone is in China.

We agree that roaming charges do need to be monitored and managed, but 71% of the calls we carry are made in the UK. International calls are nearly three times as common as roaming ones and don’t benefit from regulatory caps such as those which apply to calls made abroad within the EU. Of all the calls we carry, 12% are to China 

For roaming data, there is a very clear saving. Vodafone charges £3 per MB (and others charge much more) for roaming data whereas Amiigo charges only 60p per MB for data used in China.  If you were to use just 1Gb of data, that would equate to £3000

How can we help?

If you make regular calls to China, even with their economy growing at a slower rate, we can save you money on international calls and roaming data.

If you want to contact us about saving money on your calls to China you can email us or call us on 0203 432 3325



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