Cuts to mobile costs called for by David Cameron

David Cameron’s recent call for cheaper calls and to give customers a better deal rings right to the heart of our ethos. As you know Amiigo is all about reducing the cost of mobile communication.  We just hope that other entrepreneurs can join us and provide technologies that will reduce the cost of mobile communication.

Although the article in the FT is mostly looking at this from a consumer point of view, there is definitely an argument to push the mobile providers; Vodafone, O2, EE and Three; to reduce call costs for businesses as well.  This is particularly relevant as most businesses don’t benefit from the standard consumer packages that include bundled minutes and texts.  We all have either experienced, or know someone who has, a business trip overseas that has resulted in a mobile bill that can easily be described as painful!

Being in touch with clients, suppliers and colleagues, particularly when overseas, can work out to be very expensive.  You need to keep roaming on so that you get your email and can respond. You then need to make calls both within the country you’re in and then to others and the call costs are not easy to keep on top of so you have at least an idea of what you will be facing when the bill arrives next month.

The UK economy is officially out of recession but confidence levels are variable. A recent survey by Trading Economics shows cautious optimism and that is great but a recent conversation with one of the Far East airlines (they are working with UKTI to encourage UK exports to the area) suggested that SMEs in particular are being very cautious when it comes to expanding.

To end this blog, two questions:

  1. How do you think we can get David Cameron to push the mobile providers to cut corporate mobile costs?
  2. What else needs to be done to encourage businesses to invest in growth?

I look forward to your responses.



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