Cutting Costs

Wherever you need to go or call, Amiigo will save you money

Amiigo can deliver gross savings of 90% on your roaming voice and data costs

cutting roaming voice costs and cutting roaming data costs is what we are here for. Amiigo’s voice and data products have been developed to help you save money when doing business internationally.  Whether you are calling from your home country, reading email when in Europe or calling the office from China.

We all know the costs involved with using your smartphone internationally are too high; Amiigo is a simple way to cut those costs.

The Amiigo voice app works with BlackBerry 7, Android and iPhone. The app is simple to use as there is almost no behavioural change needed. The app analyses the number as you dial and intercepts when it can save you money.

Amiigo’s MiFi devices connect to any device that needs to download data: smartphones, tablets or laptops. You can connect one or multiple devices at the same time.


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