On roaming data

wall street signRoaming data is far too expensive, or at least it used to be!

The media is full of reports of sky-high roaming data bills:

With data showing the average business user consumes about 100MB of data per day when travelling, it can be easy to rack up considerable roaming data charges.

Using an Amiigo MiFi® to download data to your smartphone, your tablet or laptop can reduce costs by up to 90% in over 130 countries.

Ensuring you have continuous data availability is difficult with most of our competitors. Their pay-as-you-go billing means you need to keep a close eye on what you’re using and top-up to avoid being disconnected.

Not with Amiigo.

We simply monitor your data usage and invoice you at the end of the month, subject to a modest minimum charge depending on where the SIM was used.

So you are able to do your work with one less thing to worry about..

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