How does this work?

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Cutting the cost of roaming data

At Amiigo, we’ve tried to make roaming data use as simple as possible.

At the moment your choices seem to be:

  • pre-pay SIMs that will stop working unless you top-up in time
  • roaming plans with your mobile provider, providing tiny amounts of data for your money

Now you have another choice. One that provides:

  • The best combination of coverage and cost on the market
  • As many roaming data SIMs as you want, all on one agreement
  • SIMs that work in over 150 countries
  • Payment in arrears (‘post-pay’) with a monthly invoice

The MiFi devices can be passed between your staff to fit with their travelling requirements, and if multiple staff are travelling together they can share one device. They just need to be near each other.

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With our market-leading prices and innovative billing arrangements, you can concentrate on your business without worrying about the costs of roaming data.

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