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These are the questions our clients have asked us during the procurement process so we hope they prove useful to you.  If you have any questions we haven’t answered click here.

Saving Money

How much will Amiigo save on the cost of my company's calls?

Very often, over 50% of the normal call charge.  Savings depend on where you travel, where you call to and your tariff.  We can estimate your potential benefit from a sample of your billing data to help you decide if Amiigo is for you.  Remember, since we only make money by saving you money, where there is no saving to be made your call will be dialled direct.

How much will Amiigo save on the cost of roaming data?

Savings on roaming data are delivered through the preferential rates we have with mobile network around the world and can be as high as 97%.

How can I find out how much I can save?

We are happy to analyse your calls and data usage and show you the savings you would have made if Amiigo had been used to make them. Our typical client saves 40% on their international, non-geographic and roaming mobile calls.

What does it cost to deploy Amiigo to all the phones in the company?

There are no charges for setting up or running the Amiigo voice app. We make our money only once you are making calls and saving money with the app.

Could and should we use Amiigo for all our mobile calls?

Except for calls from your home country to standard landlines and mobiles, we recommend using Amiigo for all calls.  The more you use Amiigo, the more money you’ll save.  We give you the option to dial direct when roaming should you want to make a very quick call, such as locating someone in a crowd.  Otherwise, you make your call in the usual way and Amiigo will do the rest.

Will Amiigo reduce inbound call costs when I'm abroad?

We cannot reduce these costs. Sorry.

How do I know it's right for my business?

Amiigo works with a wide range of companies, from financial services and manufacturing to legal and shipping. If you have staff who regularly call or travel overseas, we will save you money. Our clients typically save 40% on their international, non-geographic and roaming mobile calls.

How quickly can I start using Amiigo?

Once we’ve set up your account on our servers the app can be deployed in moments so that savings on your international, non-geographic and roaming calls can start very quickly.

Rentals & Replacements

Can extra MiFi devices/SIMs be supplied for short periods?

Yes. There is a one-off admin charge per device and a minimum rental period of one month. The rental period runs from the time you receive the additional device(s) until it is returned to us.

Can I get a replacement device/SIM if one is lost, stolen or damaged?

Yes of course. There will naturally be a cost for the replacement device.

Using Amiigo

How do I use the MiFi device?

A MiFi device acts as a secure hotspot to provide you with roaming data cost savings. It works in the same way as using a smartphone as a mobile hotspot.

How many simultaneous connections can be made to a MiFi device?

Up to 10 smart phones, tablets or laptops can be connected to our MiFi devices at any one time. The data used will be the sum total used by all connected devices.

Does a larger number of connected devices affect the speed/slow the service?

Potentially, but not necessarily.  As with any Wi-Fi connection, the greater the number of simultaneous users, the greater the potential there is for them to use in excess of the available bandwidth and so experience a reduction in speed.

Does Amiigo work on every mobile network?

Yes. Amiigo is suitable for users registered with any mobile network, wherever they are in the world.

Which users should have Amiigo?

The simplest option is to install the app on every device as Amiigo sits in the background and only kicks-in when an international or non-geographic call is made and a saving is available.

Are there countries where Amiigo doesn't work?

Amiigo’s voice solution works anywhere in the world that you can get a GSM connection and a data connection. Amiigo’s data solution works in over 130 countries with more to be added.

Can the staff in our overseas offices use Amiigo?

The Amiigo app is ready to be deployed on devices using SIMs from any of the world’s mobile networks.  Deploying it for use with each specific country’s SIMs simply requires local configuration and the implementation of local access numbers.   If you are interested in deploying Amiigo to non-UK users, we are ready to go and would like to talk to you.

You mention connection delays on a couple of pages; how long are we talking about?

For international and non-geographic calls there is an average delay of under 2 seconds while the call is re-routed.  For roaming calls, the delay is typically 10-15 seconds.

Can you help me educate my staff to use this?

There’s actually relatively little to do here as the app is highly automated and self-explanatory.  Our clients have used a wide variety of methods to let users know what to expect. This has ranged from simple emails to posters on the office walls. We are happy to advise you on the techniques we understand have been most effective.

I've got 5,000 staff. Can your infrastructure deal with that many users?

Yes. Our current infrastructure can cope with over 100,000 users although it will be expanded well before we hit that number. Based on typical call patterns, it’s likely that no more than 25 of your 5,000 staff would be using Amiigo at any given time meaning that the impact on our call-handling infrastructure is rather less than you might imagine.


What's the minimum term I have to sign up for?

There is no minimum term for the voice app. Our clients continue to use Amiigo simply because it saves them money on their international, non-geographic and roaming mobile calls.
The roaming data SIMs run under a 12 month contract. The contract for any SIMs added to the contract mid-way will run to the anniversary of the original contract (i.e. they will be coterminous).

If I want to stop using Amiigo what do I do?

You simply remove the app from your smartphone.

About the company

How do you make your money if there are no setup costs or monthly fees?

We charge you a percentage of the savings we make on your international, non-geographic and roaming calls. If you don’t make any calls or we cannot save you money, we don’t charge you. Could it be any fairer?

How do you know how much to bill us?

Amiigo calls are carried through our own server infrastructure so we know how long they last, what you would have paid given your carrier tariff and what you’ve actually spent using Amiigo. We then do the maths and invoice you for the costs of the calls we’ve carried plus a percentage of the savings you’ve achieved.

When will Amiigo be available for iOS?

The Amiigo app for iOS is available now. Give us a call on 020 3432 3255 and we can talk about it.

What's the catch?

There isn’t one.  Curiously, this is the point we often find the most difficult to get across! The only downsides (if you can call them that) to Amiigo is an additional monthly invoice and the short delays in making Amiigo calls.

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