On voice calls

Person walking on foot bridge at Dubai airport

Save up to 65% on your international and roaming voice calls

When working internationally you need to make calls without worrying about the costs or trying to find a public wifi signal.

You may simply need to call a client in Paris to confirm a few details just before getting on the Eurostar. Perhaps a conference call with your sales team is organised whilst you’re in Dubai. What if you need to talk to suppliers in Thailand as you tour the Far East to meet multiple suppliers?

Your mobile bill can quickly add up and if you have large numbers of staff travelling, the bill can be astronomical. Cutting this bill puts money back into your budgets; money that we’re sure you can find a use for.

Amiigo guarantees to save you money on international and roaming mobile calls.  We have to because our billing model means we don’t make any money if we don’t.

  • There are no setup costs
  • We don’t charge a monthly or per user fee
  • There are no minimum term contracts

All we ask is that you share the savings with us. You keep 65% of the savings we deliver.

If you would prefer that this money stays within your business, rather than going to the mobile companies, give us a call.

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