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Save money even when you don’t leave the country!

When you’re in your home country, the Amiigo app makes savings on all calls to other countries and non-geographic numbers.

The app knows when savings are possible by checking the number you’re calling against your mobile tariff and the charges levied by Amiigo’s own telecoms provider.

If no saving is possible, the call simply goes through as normal. When savings can be made, the call is diverted via Amiigo’s servers using a low cost, local rate access number.


If you made a 30 minute call to the USA at the 17.4 pence per minute rate on the screen, it would cost £5.22. At 0.7 pence per minute, the call costs £0.21.  Amiigo then takes a percentage of the saving leaving the rest for you. Fancy saving more than £3 per call?

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