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Call & data savings when roaming – convenient and with no loss of functionality

Cutting roaming costs is what Amiigo is here to do.

When working internationally, you need access to all the functionality on your smartphone. Email and messaging are just as important as being able to make calls; Amiigo’s app means there’s no loss of functionality, unlike using local or roaming SIM cards. This is how it works:

As you dial, the Amiigo app decides whether to let the call through as normal or to intercept it.  In under a second you are given the options ‘Direct call’ (whereby your call goes via the normal mobile network) and ‘Callback’ (whereby your call is re-routed to save you money).  The costs associated with each option are displayed to help you decide.

If you choose Callback, our servers call you back and once you’ve answered, connect you to the other party’s number.  The app keeps you updated re progress and takes 10-12 seconds to complete the process – a small delay that we think is worthwhile given the saving you’ll make.

The image below shows you what you’ll see as you make a call.


A 30 minute call back to the office, using the rates shown on the screen would be either £27 or £11.49! Which would you prefer?  We then take a share of the saving, meaning your saving is just over £10.

Data savings are delivered via our Mi-Fi devices and more information can be found here.

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