Did your roaming bills change today?

EU roaming charge regulations introduce new caps from April 30th 2016April 30th 2016 was a date long looked forward to by consumers and businesses alike. Saturday was the day that EU roaming charges almost disappeared – supposedly.

For some people, the charges will have automatically dropped, but not for others. Many businesses will still have time to run on their contracts and they will be paying significantly higher rates.  One of our clients was paying £0.85 per MB within the EU until they started using our roaming data solution!

The other thing to consider is the standard daily charge for using your bundle within the EU.  At £3 per day, you need to be using 70MB before you will be paying more.  If you are a light user, you should seriously consider turning Euro Traveller (or equivalent agreements) off.

Let’s have a look at what 70MB looks like:

1MB = 1024KB

  • 1000 emails read or sent at 70KB (this is worked on an assumption ¼ of emails have attachments and ¾ don’t) each.
  • 120 one page Word files up or downloaded at 600KB each
  • 70 web pages browsed / app checked at 1MB per page
  • 18 minutes of streaming video at 3.75MB per minute

  • 99 minutes of streaming music at 720KB (normal quality – 96kbps) per minute
  • 200 social media posts at 350KB (we’re assuming you have a photo or link within the post) per post

So if you need to work when you cannot get a WiFi signal, it isn’t always the cheapest option to opt for the single charge.


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