Doing business in Singapore is now even easier

save money on roaming data charges in singaporeThe UK does a lot of trade with Singapore. In fact (according to govt figures) it is one of few countries where we have a trade surplus  – £2.4billion in 2013.

With over 1000 UK companies having a presence in Singapore, it is clearly a good place to do business.  Recently it has got just a little bit easier, with Singapore Airlines recently announcing an unlimited roaming data solution so you can work (or play) when on their planes.

So if you are doing business with Singapore, let me recommend the following combination:

  • When calling Singapore from the UK, Amiigo saves you 91% on the normal cost of calls from your mobile
  • When on the plane, make use of their unlimited roaming data solution.
  • Whilst in Singapore, we will save you 40% on the normal cost of mobile calls, and
  • As Singapore is in Zone 2 for our roaming data solution, we can save you up to 92% on standard roaming data costs

Vodafone’s standard charges for Singapore are :

  • Make a call 80p a minute.
  • Data £3 per MB for up to 5MB then £15 for every 5MB after that.

With this infographic suggesting business travellers use 9.7MB per day of roaming data and spend 23 minutes on the phone, a one-week trip to Singapore would cost:

With Vodafone: £128.80 for calls and £203.70 for roaming data

With Amiigo: £77.28 for the calls and £30.55 for the roaming data

A saving of £224.67

If you’d like to save money on your business trips, give us a call.


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