The end of roaming charges in the EU?

What will Amiigo users experience?

The recent caps on the charges for calls and data usage whilst roaming in EU countries are great as Amiigo’s whole ethos is about reducing the cost of doing business internationally. For too long, the costs have been far too high.

Since these caps were introduced in 2009, there has been growing pressure to abolish roaming charges altogether – in other words, to treat the EU as if it was simply one big country.

The politics and lobbying associated with such a dramatic change may well prove entertaining.  At Amiigo, we are watching what happens with great interest.

If the proposed changes do come in, calls from the EU to non-UK numbers will continue to be chargeable, albeit at the same rate as those made from the UK.  Amiigo has been ready for this change for a couple of years now and will simply redirect such calls via a UK “access” number, using its familiar Callthrough service.  Calls to UK numbers will be carried directly without Amiigo’s involvement.

Amiigo will shortly be available for smartphones using non-UK SIMs (we expect to have the beta functionality ready in a month or so).  Once this is live, the same principle will apply to all EU-domiciled users i.e. roaming calls from EU countries will be redirected via Amiigo’s Callthrough service leaving calls to the user’s home country to be carried directly.

If you have any other questions about this, please give us a call.


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