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I like to keep you informed of what’s been happening at Amiigo, but this time I thought I’d do a little analysis and show you some numbers instead – I hope that’s okay.

Amiigo is still a fairly small company.  We’re growing and we have more than 3,000 users on Amiigo at this time.  That numbers continues to grow each month.

Over the last three months we’ve saved our average user £13 a month on their international and roaming call costs.

Now I know what you’re saying:  Is that all?  What’s the point?  I spend that on my lunch!

I know its not a lot, but let’s then use that number and extrapolate a little.

  • If you’ve got 1000 people in your business that travel, that’s £13,000 a month
  • If they travel 10 months of the year, that’s £130,000 a year

I don’t know about you, but I could do a lot with £130,000 a year.  It’s a couple of staff, an IT project that budgets wouldn’t cover or its simply going to help the IT Director deliver the budget cuts the FD wants!

I don’t think Tesco managed to copyright the phrase, so here goes again:

Every Little Helps


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