Helping the Road Warrior

To the irregular traveller it seems great fun to travel around the country on business. You get to visit lots of different towns and cities, stay in hotels all the time (with their great restaurants, spa facilities etc.) To those who do it regularly, it’s a little different.

  • One office park is the same as another, whether you’re in Inverness or Bath
  • By the time you get back to the hotel and you’ve caught up with emails you cannot answer whilst driving, all you want is a quick meal and to sleep. The gym can wait
  • The M1/6/25 are hell but the A303 is worse

Here are a few tools to help make all that travelling a little easier:

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Surface Pro3. Ideal for travellingGone are the days when you need to carry a brick of a laptop around. I know you can chuck it in the boot when you’re driving but it’s not easy to use when you’re parked and wanting to do a little work. It just won’t fit between you and the steering wheel.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 really can replace your laptop and weighs basically nothing. Use as a tablet if you’re just taking notes or simply attach the keyboard for full functionality. If your IT department reckon it’s just a tablet, get them to put all the software you need onto one and see. With up to 8Gb RAM and 256Gb of storage, it will do what you want it to do.

Miracast Dongle

Stream your screen to any other. You don't need a portable projector anymoreGone are the days when you need to carry a mobile projector with you. Simply pop this bad boy in the back for the screen and you can wirelessly stream anything on your laptop to it.  This is the Microsoft version, but there are others, from Ezcast, Measy and others. The Microsoft device is currently £42 on Amazon but others can be found a little cheaper.

Bluetooth car kit

CC-9068-240x240Heaven forbid that the company hasn’t provided you with a car already enabled with bluetooth, but if that is the case, have a look at this.

Not only will this allow you to make and take the phone calls you need to make whilst driving, you can stream your music off your phone if you just cannot find a radio station worth listening to.  With four hours still to go until you get to Glasgow, you need decent music in the car.

If you have passengers, they can also connect to this device and you can conference up to 7 people in if you have to have a conference call on the way up the M6.

The Amiigo App

Splash 60 mm wideWe couldn’t not include our own app (at least without me getting shouted at by the MD!). Did you know that 70%+ of the calls we carry actually start in the UK. The combination of international and non-geographic calls you need to make can easily rocket your mobile bill skywards.



Travel Slippers

travel slipperFormal shoes are absolutely necessary in meetings, but in the car or in the hotel, treat yourself and make sure you’re comfortable! After all you deserve it. You’re going to be using your feet for many hours to come, either on the throttle or the boardroom floor.
>The life of the road warrior is a weary one. We hope these make life a little easier.


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