If I could save your business a lot of money, would you let me buy you a coffee?

I would like to buy you a coffee (or tea, or beer…..) – would you like one?

There are only three criteria:

  1. You work within a business of at least 100 people
  2. You trade internationally
  3. You have a smartphone

In the time it takes you to drink the coffee would you mind if I asked you a few questions about your international business and the size of your mobile phone bill?

What I’d love to do is see if there is any way I can save your company some money

How about I then show you how we’ve saved lots of other companies, from law firms to shipping organisations, from weapons manufacturers to financial services?

Then what I would really love to do is let you try the app on your phone – and probably a dozen or so of your colleagues

When you see how easy it is to save money, how about I simply invoice you a small percentage of the saving, but let you keep the vast majority of the savings?

If that sounds like a fair way to spend 25 minutes, lets have a chat and arrange a time to have that coffee.

020 3432 3255 is the number to ring


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