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Don’t let cost concerns hit employee productivity

A recent article in Mobile News points to figures around employee productivity, suggesting that 36% of employees’ time is wasted every day trying to contact people to find information and schedule meetings. The articles also says that people spend over an hour a day digging for information they need.

When travelling abroad, we know this can get even worse, simply because employees worry about the costs involved. The costs of calling the office to ask a question of a colleague has always been high. Hotels are infamous for the charges they make if you actually want to use the phone they put in your room to do anything other than order room service and, even with EU roaming caps, the costs of calling the office from your mobile can be just as high. Depending upon where in the world this employee is at the time, the window of opportunity to talk to a colleague can be tiny. If they’re in Europe, it’s not so much of an issue, but anywhere east of Dubai and west of New York and that window shrinks rapidly.

So then what happens?

  1. they spend hours on the hotel wifi (hopefully it’s free) looking for the information they need because they cannot get hold of the person they need to speak to.
  2. They fudge it – and hope people won’t notice.
  3. They try Skype from a local coffee shop, taking more time out of their day.
  4. They pray the question doesn’t come up

All of these waste time, impacting the productivity of the employee and the results of that business trip.  With international business trips usually being packed to the gills to maximise productivity, this is time that cannot be wasted.

Now take out the cost factor, and watch the productivity rise.



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