Is your mobile operator playing fast and loose with EU regulations?

roaming charges being abolished across the EU

Are you being charged the correct rates?

I was talking to a new client the other day about how they’ve been using Amiigo’s MiFi solution and the money it has saved them – case study will be released soon – and what they are currently being charged for roaming data.  I was shocked, both at the rates and at the fact they are being charged more than EU regulations stipulate as the maximum charge for EU roaming data.

Correct me if I am wrong here, but didn’t the European Parliament cap roaming rates back in 2014? From the 1st July 2014, rates were capped at:

  • Outgoing voice calls (per minute): €0.19
  • Incoming voice calls (per minute): €0.05
  • Outgoing text messages: €0.06
  • Roaming data (per MB): €0.20

If you want to see what the EuroTariffs are currently and how they change in April this year and then again in June 2017, click here.

A conversation with Ofcom has clarified the rules on this one.  If you have signed a contract stipulating roaming charges that are higher than the current limits, they are still allowed to charge you at those rates until you renew your contract.  Our advice: check what rates are included in the current contract and then ensure that your next renewal brings them down to the EU limits.



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