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pile of notes 646 x 240Profound Apologies for not telling the truth

It seems that we haven’t been completely truthful in telling you the amount we save our clients on the international, non-geographic and roaming mobile bills.

I sat down and analysed all of our calling data for  2014 and it seems that we are actually increasing the savings we are making for our clients.  In 2013 the figures showed an average of 40%.  So far in 2014, that has increased to 46.80%  That’s £1,000’s more we are saving.

Want to know how that breaks down?

  • Savings on calls to landlines: 43%
  • Savings on calls to mobiles: 47%
  • Savings on satellite calls: 52%

Our clients have made calls from 97 countries around the world this year and the country where we’ve made the biggest savings is………………………… Portugal! Calls made from Portugal have been 54% cheaper – and that’s after our charges.

Please accept our apologies for not telling you the whole truth before now!


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