Not all roaming calls have been reduced


The recent announcement of a cap on roaming charges within the EU is great news for both business travellers and those who are simply on holiday. Making calls to EU destinations have seen at least a 17% reduction and receiving them has dropped by at least 12%.

For business users, this typically means our clients will only be paying 12.5p/minute, compared to about 21ppm on a normal business tariff (25ppm on consumer tariffs).

With the cost of data also being capped, perhaps we will see fewer stories about massive bills being landed on parents because unthinking teenagers are using Facebook and the like.

When you are in Europe and calling back to the UK, this is great, but if you’re on business in the EU and need to call a client or a colleague in a non-EU country, please remember that these caps do not apply.  The costs of calling the USA or the Far East are unregulated and some carriers have even increased them recently.  Calling from France to the USA, for example, on O2 will, at the time of writing, cost you £1.79 per minute. A call from Germany to Japan would be the same. To see what you will pay for calls from one country to another, try this link.

Next year it gets even better with the EU planning to scrap roaming charges, within the EU, altogether so you’ll simply be using your normal calling plans. Don’t expect this to impact calls to non-EU countries though.


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