Plunging Roaming Data Bills?

EU roaming charge regulations introduce new caps fromApril 30th 2016

On April 30th (just 6 weeks from the time of writing), the latest EU roaming caps come into force.

UK mobile operators will not be allowed to charge you more than 5 cents above the standard UK rate you are paying for data.  So does that mean your roaming data bill is going to plummet?

Probably Not!

But why, when EU regulations apply from that day until July 2017 when they are abolished completely?

It was to do with your contracts. Unfortunately the clauses within that contract which define the prices you pay over-ride the EU regulations, at least until the end of your contract period. If your contract is due for renewal very soon, all you need to do is remind your account manager at Vodafone/O2 about the regulation change. I’d love to see their faces as you remind them about the big hole that is about to appear in their revenues.

We have clients who are still paying nearly £1 per MB for roaming data in Europe; a time when the current cap is 16 cents above UK rates. Again, this is because of the contract they signed from before the cap applied. This particular client saved £800 on one user’s use of 1Gb of data in Poland.

So what can you do?  Of course, that depends, but these are your options as we see them:

1. Ask your account manager for a price review that reflects the new EU caps.  Unlikely to succeed as they have you under contract, but you never know.

2. If you are on a minimum spend contract, keep paying the contract rates until you reach your spend commitment levels.

3. Talk to us about how our 4 zone charging model makes use up to 93% cheaper than the mobile operators and we are also cheaper than Truphone in 85% of countries.

I hope this helps.



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