Roaming data savings

Wherever you need to go or call, Amiigo will save you moneyHow much will you save on roaming data?

Here are just a few examples of how our data packages compare with Vodafone’s Business Sharer tariff* when using between 60MB and 120MB per day:

  • 17 days in Canada: £253 with Amiigo compared to £4,335
  • 9 days in Brazil: £377 compared with £2,511
  • 4 days in the Dominican Republic: £123 compared with £816
  • 7 days in Japan: £110 against £1,869
  • 1 day in Liechenstein: £12.63 compared to £38.67

Most Euro-traveller style agreements give you very little data to use before you move to standard rates, at which point you pay an awful lot of money.

Why take the risk?

Cut your data costs


* Data correct as of 2nd June 2014