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Examples of cost savings we make

40% is the average saving our clients see across all international, non-geographic and roaming calls but here are some examples of the savings we have made recently on individual calls:

  • £79 on a two hour call to the Ukraine from the UK
  • £42 on a 55 minute conversation to India
  • £38 on a roaming call from the USA to France
  • £57 on a call from France to Australia
  • £33 on a 25 minute call from Croatia to China
  • £125 on a call from the UK to a ship in the Atlantic
  • £70 on a call from Barbados to the USA

That’s £444 saved on just 7 calls!

This list could go on forever but I’m sure you get the picture. Amiigo will reduce your mobile bill and make the firm more profitable.

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