• roaming charges being abolished across the EU

European University, Switzerland




If you do business in Switzerland, I am sure you know that the country isn’t part of the European Union.  This has its advantages and its disadvantages:

  • It’s tax rules are advantageous for many
  • Their banking system is legendary
  • You don’t use the Euro – is that good or not?
  • The new EU regulations around roaming voice and data charges don’t apply

If you are regularly in Switzerland for business, you may want to check what your network charges for roaming data and for voice calls there; it may be more than you think.

For the record Amiigo’s Zone 1 (Europe) includes Switzerland and so roaming data is charged at only 12.5p per MB – currently 25% lower than the maximum rates dictated by the European Union.  It is also 24p per MB lower than Vodafone’s standard charges.

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