Thinking about local SIM cards for business travel?

When travelling for business there are various ways of reducing the cost of your international and roaming mobile calls:

  1. Simply using Skype over local WiFi connections
  2. Swapping your normal SIM for a Roaming SIM card
  3. Carrying a collection of local SIM cards – one for each country you do business in
  4. Only using landlines

The problems with these are is they make things difficult and confusing.  Let’s look at them individually:

Using Skype over wifi

First you need to find a WiFi point. In the UK that is fairly simple as we have one of the densest public WiFi networks in the world, supported by suppliers such as BT Openzone and The Cloud.  The problem comes when you are on the move, as these services rarely allow you to move between WiFi points without re-connecting and you simply can’t do that when you are in the middle of a conversation.

Roaming SIM cards

As a business you issue SIM cards to all staff, either with their corporate smartphone or for their own phone if you allow them to bring their own device (BYOD). Your IT department has worked, probably long and hard, to ensure that these devices and the SIM cards are secure and provide all the functionality your staff need.

When they then go travelling on business, they become even more reliant on their smartphone, so why would you let them swap their SIM card?  Not only do you risk the security of your network, but you also add complication to their lives.  Some roaming SIM cards will impact the functionality available to the user, so imagine the calls your IT helpdesk will get if they can’t get their email!!!

Local SIM cards

Let’s simply take what I’ve said about roaming SIM cards and then add remembering which SIM is for which country – even more complication

Keep it simple

The easiest way to maintain your network security is to keep the SIM you know in the smartphone.  All you then need to do is find a solution that will slash the cost of the international and roaming calls being made from that phone!

guess what – we’ll do that for you

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