Top 10 countries by savings

night flightWhich countries has Amiigo saved the most money in?

Amiigo’s voice solutions are designed to cut the cost of doing business internationally.  When you’re travelling on business, the last thing you want to worry about is the cost of keeping in touch, either with the office or with your clients.  It may, therefore, be a surprise that the country we saved most money in is the United Kingdom.  Not only was it the largest saving by value, it was the largest percentage saving as well.

Whilst this may initially seem strange, doing business internationally doesn’t mean the only time you talk to international clients is when you are overseas.  You spend more time in your home country, so why would it not make absolute sense that more calls are made from there?

The full Top 10 by value is:

  1. United Kingdom, with a 60.4% saving average
  2. United States, with a 36.1% saving
  3. France, at 41.1%
  4. Barbados, with 26.7%
  5. United Arab Emirates, with an 18.1% saving
  6. Spain, at a cracking 42.6%
  7. India, delivering a 22.6% saving
  8. Singapore, at 25.6%
  9. South Africa at 19.2%
  10. Germany, at 38.2%

All pretty good savings I am sure you’ll agree.   These were the top 10 countries by savings value, from the 74 countries our clients visited in the last four months.


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