What is Amiigo?

Wherever you need to go or call, Amiigo will save you moneyIt’s the way to save money when travelling internationally on business

With ways to save money on both roaming voice and data, Amiigo is your ideal partner if you have clients or colleagues outside your home country.

Amiigo is a complement rather than an alternative to your network provider or the reseller who supplies your phones.

Our Managing Director, Peter Hardisty, has long believed that the charges in the mobile industry, particularly when you’re travelling internationally on business, are simply too high. He started to look at ways to reduce those costs but without impacting either the user or the business. Amiigo is that solution.

When you’re travelling on business, you don’t have time to worry about tariffs, about your data allowances or which SIM card you need to use. You simply want to concentrate on helping your client, working with your colleagues or closing that contract. The problem is you then get back to your office to a huge bill.

Both our voice and roaming data solutions are designed to minimise behavioural change. This makes them easier, and more likely, to use:

      • The Amiigo app automatically intercepts calls when savings can be made
      • Our MiFi® devices simply reside in your pocket to create a secure mini hotspot

Our aim is to reduce the cost of doing business internationally. Our voice solutions deliver net savings of up to 60% and our roaming data is often 90%, or more, cheaper than other solutions.

 Cut your data costs Cut your voice costs