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As you move through this site we hope you’ll get a good picture of how Amiigo can save you money on your international, non-geographic and outbound roaming calls. These pages are full of comments from clients who already save money on their mobile calls. We hope they help you trust us enough to pick up the phone or get in touch.

A client satisfaction survey run in early 2013 confirmed our belief that Amiigo delivers on its promises. Comments included:

Peter talks common sense and is obviously highly knowledgeable.

No overheads or monthly/annual charges so the cost saving is easy to see each month in the breakdowns.

it is seamless, zero cost with good support

Staff actively ask for Amiigo to be added to their smartphones

Analysis of the survey also gave us these insights:

  • Cost and ease of implementation are the key reasons our clients use Amiigo
  • 100% of our clients say it is effective at reducing call costs
  • More than half our clients have already referred us to others
  • 70% of our clients didn’t even look at alternatives once they knew about Amiigo
  • When having to use technical support, all respondents were very happy with the support provided

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