40% reduction on international and roaming mobile call costs

Taylor Wessing office london


Taylor Wessing is one the top 20 law firms in the UK and has offices around the world, with more than 100 partners in the UK office alone.


Taylor Wessing have been using Amiigo since April 2012. With offices in 21 cities around the world the need to communicate quickly and easily is huge.  Amiigo is now deployed to all BlackBerry handsets in their UK offices and is part of a standard deployment for all BlackBerrys given to new staff.

The IT team at Taylor Wessing were considering other products. Although there were small advantages available from the other solutions, the value proposition from Amiigo made it the logical choice, particularly with no upfront installation costs and ease of implementation.

Taylor Wessing conducted a 20-user trial of Amiigo before the full rollout and used a combination of internal posters and emails to educate and inform staff on using Amiigo and the benefits they would get.  The quality of the support provided was critical in getting Amiigo adopted by Taylor Wessing.

The Amiigo app is now actively requested by users if it wasn’t already on their BlackBerry when it was issued.

Comments given to us by the IT department include:

  • “Within five minutes of the meeting [with Peter] starting it was obvious that significant savings could be made!”
  • “On the odd occasion that there’s been a technical question (usually from a new user) the answers are always quickly returned and concisely answered. I hope this never changes!”
  • “It’s seamless and zero cost with good support”
  • “… stroke of genius.. the message on the screen showing how much you’ll save.”

At the time of writing (May 2013), the UK office of Taylor Wessing had seen a 40.2% saving on their international, non-geographic and roaming mobile calls in their first 12 months of using Amiigo.


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