What will the EU Referendum do to roaming charges?

EU referendum roaming chargesHow will the 23rd June impact roaming charges?

David Cameron has announced the date for the referendum on whether we wish to remain as part of the EU. On the 23rd June, the nation votes on whether to stay in or to get out of the European Union. Right now, Amiigo hasn’t decided which way to vote, but here are a few questions to think about:

  1. Roaming voice and roaming data charges fall further in April this year, but what will happen after the referendum if the nation votes to leave?  Will Vodafone et al keep to the plan and abolish roaming charges in July 2017?
  2. Even if the UK mobile operators want to keep to the deal, will the European operators?  Will they want to make as much money as they can from the nation that didn’t want to be in their gang?
  3. If roaming charges are re-instated, at what level will they be?  Roaming charges within Europe have been low compared to the rest of the world, but we you find yourself paying the same for a call to Germany as you are currently paying to call China?
  4. If the nation votes to stay in the EU, what will happen to roaming charges outside of Europe?  Will they stay as they are or skyrocket?

I would be very surprised if the mobile operators don’t use this as a way to repair the hole that has been created by the EU roaming caps, but we wait with baited breath for the result on the 24/25th June and then to see what happens.



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