When is the EU not the EU?

The European Union is currently formed of 28 countries, with 5 candidate countries and a further 2 being considered as candidates. That means just over half of Europe is within the European Union. Perhaps the most notable exceptions are Switzerland and Russia and Norway.

As I’m sure you know, April 2017 is a big day in the EU; it’s the day when the Eurotariff starts. Put simply it means that roaming charges, for both mobile calls and for roaming data, are abolished.

So back to the title of this blog. When is the EU not the EU?

Perhaps this is a little inaccurate and it should read when is Europe not the EU? Basically, what is going to happen about your roaming calls and data when you are in Europe? There are two things you need to think about:

European Union Map 201515

European countries not in the EU

Calls made in countries who are not part of the EU may continue to incur normal roaming call and data charges. It is up to the individual mobile operator on what they will do but you need to think about this. If you are in Switzerland, for example, these calls could be charged outside of your normal bundle after April 2017. Right now Vodafone include Switzerland in the Eurotraveller charging, but that may not continue.  It would be the same for calls made to Switzerland too.  Eurotariff rates are only valid for calls made from one EU country to another.

Calls to outside Europe

If you are in France and make a call to the USA, for example, that will not be covered by the Eurotariff. Your normal roaming call charges would kick in. Based on current Vodafone rates, that could be anything up to £1.50 per minute.

Amiigo currently reduces calls made in France by 63%; that’s £0.94 per minute we can save you.

Just thought you’d like to know about this.  As a business traveller, I am sure you are already looking at what trips you will be making in 2016 and maybe even thinking about 2017.


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