Will Brexit cause problems?


Brexit is a topic that is dominating the media at the moment.

Will Britain leave the EU? Will David Cameron get the concessions he wants to from the EU? Will pulling out of the EU stop the refugee crisis impacting Britain? Will the USA stop find trading with Britain (if we’re not in the EU) a problem? All of these are questions that have arisen in the last few months?

When will the referendum be: 2016 or 2017?

All of this is causing uncertainty but there is a telecoms issue that could also be extremely expensive for everyone..

The European Parliament has banned roaming charge from April 2017 within the EU. If Britain isn’t part of the EU, does that mean our roaming voice and data costs will go back up? Will #BillShock be a factor once more? Will it cost businesses £1000’s to communicate with clients (assuming EU companies are still trading with British ones) or back to the office?

Let’s look at the timeline:

2015: original date the EU wanted to ban roaming charges, but they couldn’t get the mobile operators to agree
2016: first potential date for the EU referendum on whether the British people wish to remain part of Europe
2017: April is when roaming charges, both voice and data, are now scheduled to end
2017: The summer is the latest the referendum can really take place, as the government will be entering the latter half of their term of office

What will happen? right now nobody knows and it seems much hangs on the government’s ability to negotiate change in the current arrangements. If those are successful, it is likely Britain will remain part of the EU. If not, there is a real chance of us no longer being invited to the party – and that could prove expensive in many ways, not least for your data costs.

What are your thoughts on this?


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