Will Roaming ever be a thing of the past?

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 Smoke & Mirrors?

Will the EU’s stand on roaming spread across the world?  The caps they applied have reduced some of the pain both consumers and corporates have experienced when travelling and working within the EU, but there are still plenty of stories out there about #billshock.

There has been some media coverage about a Eurasian roaming cap, but that seems to have gone quiet and, frankly, can you see Verizon ever agreeing with Vodafone to not charge the end customers for calls flying across the pond?

Back in July last year, we wrote a fairly sceptical piece about believing that the EU would wipe out roaming charges when we saw it actually happen. We believed back then, and still do, that a combination of lobbying pressure and a detailed “think” about the real consequences would make this unpalatable for the European Parliament.

In January this year, we wrote about what we believed would happen if the proposed removal happened.  Some of these predictions are starting to come to fruition even before the complete ban has started.  Vodafone’s Red tariff has started to increase prices for calls from the UK to both EU and non-EU countries.  It’s now £1.25 per minute to call non-EU countries and it wouldn’t surprise us if they continued northwards.  Of course the #billshock stories continue to flow as well.

Of course, the latest news in this ongoing saga of roaming capping appeared last week, with EU governments saying that roaming charges should stay in place until at least 2018. Some MEPs are not happy!  It will be interesting to see the contents of Roaming IV when it is fully released.

Although it doesn’t quite warrant a “Told you so!”, it’s not far off.


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