You don’t need to fly to save money on international business costs

night flightWhat I mean is that you don’t need to leave the country.

75% of the calls Amiigo saved money on for our clients are made from the UK. Half of those are to landlines, 45% to mobiles and 5% via satellite.

If you think about it, it makes sense.  You don’t need to travel internationally to do business anymore.  Whilst there is still that need for face to face for clinching the deal, everyday business after that doesn’t mean you have to be sat with your client.  The improvements in quality of international telecommunications have seen to that, and that includes your mobile, at least it does unless you’re just south of Clapham Junction station!

Why am writing this?  Simple: because many companies we talk to say their roaming bill isn’t that high and therefore not worth cutting.  What they miss is the international call volumes and the expense of those calls.  On average we’re cutting 84% off the cost of those calls.  Is that a saving worth making?


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